The Kensington

The Kensington staircase adapts well to any project, be it for public buildings, commercial renovations or private residences. The 48" tread width of this versatile straight staircase can be increased or reduced through custom fabrication. With a 7" rise and 11" run, the Kensington meets most national and municipal building codes. The floral relief design on the tread surface of the original Kensington reflects the pattern found on the riser and side panels.

Also available is our historic tread design and a radius end bottom step.


Width: 4' (1220 mm); can be increased or decreased (custom charges apply).

Rise: 7" (178 mm).

Run: 11" (275 mm).

Weight: 120 lbs. (54.5 kgs.) per complete riser (includes tread, riser, 2 side panels).

Standard steel channel: 4" (152 mm) width.

Finishes: Staircases are available in powder coated satin black. Optional finishes are available for an additional cost. Zinc primer is included.

Instructions: Complete assembly instructions and all hardware are provided with each staircase kit.


A selection of stock and custom components (balusters, handrail, newel post) is available to complete and customize the Kensington installation.

Landings: Custom cast aluminum or steel plate landings can be made to each job's specifications. Whatever shape the stairwell may be, Steptoe's shop can create the necessary landing. Alternatively, a local carpenter or metal fabricator can prepare the landing from a wide range of materials.

Decorative iron newel posts are available to anchor the Kensington staircase railing system.

The Kensington Historic tread: The Kensington Historic tread with its raised linear pattern provides superior grip, making it ideal for use in all weather conditions. This design is copied from original staircases found in the Washington, D.C. area.

Radius end bottom step: When space permits Steptoe offers a radius end bottom step (62” wide) that provides for a gracious entrance. It also offers an integrated space to place newel posts.

A note about building codes: Codes vary across the country. Consult your local authority. Steptoe & Wife Antiques Ltd. guarantees the Steptoe® staircase for materials only; there is no representation or warranty other than for the quality of the materials supplied. We are not responsible for incorrect or inappropriate installation.

Please complete our cost estimator form with as much information specific to your project as available. We will get back to you with our quotation and price list within 5 business days.