The Barclay

The 5' diameter Barclay was designed by Steptoe in 1981 and modeled after a mid-19th century staircase salvaged from a paper mill in the Ottawa Valley. The solid tread surface of the Barclay has a deeply embossed pattern that imitates the design of the riser. With 50% more tread surface than the 4' Albany, the Barclay is the leading choice if space affords.


Diameter: 5'(1524 mm) clockwise ascending.

Stair rise: 8.125" (206 mm).

Weight: 85 lbs. (38.6 kgs.) per complete riser (includes Georgian baluster, pole, handrail, tread, riser and side panel).

Rotation: Each tread = 27.69 degrees; 13 treads = 360 degrees.

Baluster height: 38.5" (978 mm).

Handrail: 1.5" (38 mm) diameter black steel tube is standard. Brass or polished chrome tubular handrails are optional. End scroll is included.


The Barclay spiral staircase is available in 5' (1524 mm) diameter clockwise ascending direction. Each stair rise is 8.125" (206 mm) and the rotation is 13 treads to the circle (360 degrees). Steel shims are provided, at no cost, to easily raise the elevation of the overall staircase if required. Alternatively, each riser may be machined down to reduce this height. There is a service charge for machining. To determine the correct number of complete risers required, simply divide your elevation by 8.125" (206 mm). Each riser comes equipped to accommodate one Georgian Baluster.

Landing notes:

  1. The landing plate and the top tread must form a square platform when bolted together (see diagram). The minimum size of the landing is 31.5" x 31.5" (800 mm x 800 mm).
  2. The thickness of the landing plate should not be greater than 2" to allow for sufficient headroom.


A selection of stock and custom components is available to complete A selection of stock and custom components is available to complete and customize the Barclay installation.

Landings: Custom cast aluminum or steel plate landings can be made to each job's specifications. Whatever shape the stairwell may be, Steptoe's shop can create the necessary landing. Two patterns are available: the steel checker plate surface and the cast aluminum decorative surface. Alternatively, a local carpenter or metal fabricator can prepare the landing from a wide range of materials.

Angle collar: This small brass attachment connects the straight handrail to the brass finial ball supplied with the staircase.

Extension railings: Straight lengths of tube (steel or brass) are sold, per foot, to be used as handrails.

Georgian balusters: Stair treads can accommodate up to three Georgian balusters, if necessary, to satisfy specific job requirements. Standard baluster height is 38.5" (978 mm). Additional balusters are available in different heights and come with either hanger screws or machine bolts for individual anchoring.Treads are drilled for this option at no extra cost.

Well ring: Large circular rail to follow the line of the circular well. One leg attaches to finial ball.

A note about building codes: Codes vary across the country. Consult your local authority. Steptoe & Wife Antiques Ltd. guarantees the Steptoe™ staircase for materials only; there is no representation or warranty other than for the quality of the materials supplied. We are not responsible for incorrect or inappropriate installation.

Please complete our cost estimator form with as much information specific to your project as available. We will get back to you with our quotation and price list within 5 business days.