Railings Collection

Decorative railings, fences and gates are a Steptoe specialty. Incorporating standard or custom castings, forgings or specialty metal components, Steptoe produces a wide range of beautiful and durable, high quality fabrications for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Custom Railings

    All fabricated railings have a custom component. The vast choice of materials and design elements permit an almost limitless range of options. Railing projects include historic bridge rehabilitation, embassy gates and fencing, shopping mall kiosks and many residential and commercial sites across North America and overseas.

  • Stock Railing Parts

    Steptoe offers a collection of stock cast iron and forged iron balusters or pickets, panels and components for use in fences, gates and railings, furniture, grilles and architectural detail. Steptoe represents the Lawler Line of castings (US and Western Canada excluded) and sells other stock railing components around the world.

  • Modular Railings

    Steptoe has developed a modular railing system that is easy to assemble, while offering the latest in design options. This innovative arrangement of adjustable saddles and bases allows a wide range of standard railing parts to be simply assembled into railing, fencing and gate designs without welding or fabrication.

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