Will the spiral staircase pass local building codes?
Building codes vary across the country. We advise you to consult your local building code regarding staircase construction. Steptoe™ staircases are designed to pass I.BC but please check with your local building inspector about what is required for installing a new staircase.

What do I need to provide Steptoe™ to obtain an accurate quote for my project?
Ideally we would like to receive a plan and elevation drawing of your layout. Is the staircase for interior or exterior use? What is the finished floor to floor height? Are there any walls adjacent to the staircase that could affect installation? Where do you plan on entering and exiting the staircase? With this information we can give you an accurate quote, detailed drawings, and a specific estimate of lead time.

How long will it take for our staircase to arrive?
Steptoe™ offers the quickest delivery time in the industry. Depending on the size and custom fabrication involved for your specific staircase project, lead times start at 1 week, but usually run to the 2-4 week range.

Can I install my spiral staircase myself? How long will it take?
Spiral staircases can be installed in one day by two people who are handy and accustomed to working with tools and measurements. Depending on your site specifications, it may be advisable to hire a local contractor to cut and frame the floor opening at the top. Basic hand tools and an electric drill are the only equipment required. All other parts are supplied by Steptoe™.

Do you have someone in our region able to install the staircase? If not, do you supply us with shop drawings and installation instructions?
Steptoe™ manufactures and supplies cast iron spiral and straight staircases. We do not maintain a list of local contractors. However we do supply comprehensive installation instructions and can also provide you with detailed shop drawings of your specific staircase installation. In addition, we actually set up your staircase in our custom shop to ensure that everything is correct for your project prior to shipping.

Do you have a showroom in our region?
Steptoe's only showroom is located in our 40,000 sq. ft. facility in the Design and Décor District of Toronto. About 75% of Steptoe staircases are sold to the U.S. and abroad, working from plans, drawings, faxes, emails and telephone discussions with our expert sales staff. If you live in or are visiting the Toronto area please give us a call in advance to set up an appointment to discuss your project.

Do you manufacture exterior staircases? Don't they rust over time?
About one half of the staircases we sell are for exterior installation. After fabrication, your staircase is zinc primed and finished in a polyester powder coat. Unless seriously chipped or scratched, the finish should last more than 10 years before you would have to consider repainting.

Are there any baluster/picket options with the spiral staircase kits?
The Georgian baluster is the only style available for the Steptoe™ spiral staircase system. One baluster is provided for each tread and is required to structurally connect each stair to the next. Stair treads can accommodate up to three Georgian balusters, if necessary, to satisfy specific job requirements.

Is Satin Black powder coat your only standard finish?
Satin Black powder coat is our only standard finish but we have many premium powder coat finished available. Please refer to our colour chart for other high quality powder coat options.

Why do I have to supply you with my Social Security number or Federal tax ID number? Is it safe?
Your social security number is required by US Customs only if the shipment crosses the Canada/US border. Without this number the shipment will be held at the border and eventually sent back to us with a possible fine. Your social security number is kept confidential and used only for this purpose. We destroy the record of your number once the shipment is paid for, shipped and received. We thank you for your understanding.

Does Steptoe provide a guarantee for its staircases?
Steptoe & Wife Antiques Ltd. guarantees the Steptoe™ staircase for materials only; there is no representation or warranty other than for the quality of the materials supplied. We are not responsible for incorrect or inappropriate installation. Steptoe & Wife has been manufacturing decorative cast iron staircases since 1976. We stand behind our product and have an excellent reputation in the industry.

We do also have a distributor program and a discounted stair price if you'd be interested in displaying one of our staircases in your showroom. Give us a call to inquire about the specifics.

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